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There are numerous family situations and, luckily, lots of childcare solutions to fit the variety.


In some cases, a sitter is helpful for a quick night away or to be able to run a few errands. These child care agreements are usually temporary and for occasional happenings. A babysitter usually has no professional training and limited child care experience.


A nanny provides a more regular schedule and typically provides more hours of child care than a sitter. A nanny is most useful when there are toddlers and one or both parents are employed or otherwise engaged. Nannies can be part-time or full time, as needed, to meet the family's needs. Our Nannies possess CPR and First Aid certifications plus have other professional childcare experience.

Live-In Nanny

A live-in nanny provides more coverage and more childcare hours. A live-in nanny fits well when one or both parents are likely to travel for work or may have frequent evening business. In addition, the live-in nanny allows versatility for last-minute meetings and spontaneous lifestyles. Our live-in nannies have First Aid and CPR certification plus the professional childcare experience.

Weekday Live-In Nanny

A weekday live-in nanny can be an effective childcare arrangement when parents work, but they are routinely available for their children on the weekends. Scenarios where parental commitments are prevalent during the week and almost non-existent on the weekends are an ideal match for a weekday live-in nanny. The weekday live-in nanny is available during the week and is off on weekends. By matching the family's plans and child care requirements to the most appropriate style of childcare professional, families are assured that they have complete coverage.

The family evaluates their regular schedules and commitments. Then, the childcare needs can be lined up to the most effective childcare specialist. On top of providing the best childcare services, matching the timetable to the provider limits the expenses to what is required for the family to flourish. If a childcare provider is "working" but one or both parents are available often, then there is likely an overlap and services can be reduced. Acquiring the right balance of childcare is absolutely essential to designing the best situation for the the family and the child care professional.

To determine the best child care provider for your family, talk with your professional nanny agency counselor. Nanny agencies have experience with countless child care arrangements and can suggest workable alternatives for your family's needs.

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We can help you find the right weekday live-in nanny or other childcare provider, please call 301-500-0041, or complete the on-line Family Application. Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We look forward to working with you and your family to find a fantastic live-in nanny!

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If you are interested in joining our nanny agency as a weekday live-in nanny, please complete a Nanny Application.

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