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Nanny Jobs Winter Park


Winter Park Nanny Jobs

Nanny Jobs Winter Park

What We Offer Nannies

Nanny jobs for full-time, live-out and live-in nannies. Our nanny agency helps you locate the nanny position you seek. Our nanny jobs are not babysitting or after-school care. Families seeking nannies require more child-focused engagement, safety training, and special skills like tutoring or special needs care. At A Nanny on the Net, we have placed 1000's of professional nannies with great families. Our nanny agency has the resources to place you with families across the United States and in your hometown.

Nanny Work Requirements

To become a nanny with our agency, we require the following:
  • A minimum of three (3) years of professional childcare experience
  • CPR/First-Aid certification
  • A completed nanny application
  • Personal interview with our nanny placement staff
  • At least three (3) verifiable childcare references

Nannies must also clear our comprehensive background screening that includes a statewide criminal check by a licensed investigator, department of motor vehicles check, and a credit check. Every nanny we represent must meet these high standards.

Nanny Agency Policy

Our policy for representing nannies is that you meet ALL of the above work requirements and clear all background checks. We will only represent nannies that are professionally trained with clear backgrounds and ready to work. Before you submit an application, please be sure to read our requirements. There are no exceptions made for our minimum requirements. If you have what it takes to be a professional nanny, then let our professional nanny agency help you to find the best nanny jobs anywhere.

Setting Yourself Apart

Families request specific skills and even personality types. The more information you can supply us, the better we can match you to a family. Be sure to list your education, skills, experiences and preferences on your nanny application. Here are some examples:
  • College degrees, certifications and training - early childhood development, special needs, household management, child care management
  • Experiences - working with twins and multiples, travel in the U.S. and/or internationally
  • Work - nursing, day care center, teaching, other nanny work, household manager
  • Second languages - spoken and written
  • Activities - hiking, biking, running, exercise, softball
  • Church involvement and activities
  • Volunteering - United Way, food bank, blood drives
  • Other useful skills - housekeeping, cooking, sewing, tutoring, coaching

Best Nanny Jobs

We have the best nanny jobs and nanny work. We connect you with families that match your skills and interests. When we refer you to a family, we know that you are a good match. We review your skills, training and experience based on each family's request. In addition, we look to place you with a family that matches your strengths and personality. With this preparation and careful matching process, your chances of being placed are greatly increased.

Find A Nanny Job

Begin your nanny job hunting today with us. We will help you with any questions and also let you know what you may need to do to improve your chances of being placed. We work hard to place every qualified nanny that applies with our nanny agency.

Complete your Nanny Application today!

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