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Below are the nanny agency fees paid by families depending on the services selected. Our Nanny Agency Fees for Mission are as follows:
  • Nanny Search Fee: $195 (due at start of nanny search process)
  • Full-time Nanny Placement Fee: $1600 (due when placement complete)
  • Live-In Nanny Placement Fee $2500 (due when placement complete)
  • Part-time Nanny Placement Fee $1200 (due when placement complete)

Nanny Search Fee: $195

The Nanny Search fee allows us to begin the process of finding the perfect nanny for your family. First, we create your confidential file and enter your family's location, child care needs and special requirements into our database. Then, we search through our nannies in your area and determine the best matches based on your needs. After we have our initial nanny candidates, we pull their files and and their application documents (certifications, education credentials, specialized skills, etc...). One of our professional nanny placement counselors reviews each nanny and compares their skill set, work history, and specialized trainings to your family's request. Candidates that match your requirements are readied for additional screenings, verifications and nanny agency interviews. We also confirm the nanny's current availability and interest. If few or no nannies match your requirements, we immediately begin a nanny recruitment campaign in your area to attract the most-talented nannies available.

Part-time Nanny Placement Fee : $1200 (less than 35 hours per week)

Our nanny agency represents full-time, professional nannies, however, we occasionally get family requests for part-time nannies. And, some of our full-time nannies will consider part-time nanny positions. So, we've added part-time nanny services in response to the needs of our families and our nannies.

Full-time Nanny Placement Fee: $1600 (35 or more hours per week)

After we have found great full-time nannies for your family and your interviews are completed, the nanny of your choosing is placed with your family. We can assist with drawing up the employment agreement and also help with setting the employment terms. The nanny placement fee is charged only AFTER you find and hire the nanny that is best for your family.

Live-In Nanny Placement Fee: $2500

For live-in nannies, our search, filtering and placement recommondations are much more involved. In most areas, there are typically fewer nanny candidates seeking live-in nanny positions as compared to live-out nanny positions. In addition, our nanny agency is much more selective when we choose to represent live-in nannies since they spend significantly more time with their family than a live-out nanny. When we attempt to match live-in nannies with families, we search for the required skills and additionally look for candidates that best match the family's personalities, activities and interests. Having more common ground between the family and the live-in nanny facilitates better service and stronger bonds.

Nanny Pay: Negotiable

When your family selects a nanny, the hiring process begins. One step in the hiring process is to agree on the nanny's pay. Most nannies are paid hourly wages and some are paid salary (a fixed rate for a given time period - weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). When the nanny's pay is determined, the family pays the nanny directly. Our agency is not involved in setting, collecting or distributing the nanny's pay. We can provide typical nanny wage information , but the final pay rate is determined by family-nanny agreement.

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