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The Family Application for Nanny Services

Your family's child care requirements are detailed in your Family Application for Nanny Services. We ask specific questions to understand the child care hours needed, your lifestyle and personality, and any special skills or education that the nanny may need. Completing the family application is your first step towards finding a great nanny to care for you children. Our family application is designed to help us understand your family's needs. We have spent many years matching nannies to families and have designed the application to help us select the best nannies available. As we begin the nanny search, we sort through many nannies to select the child care provider that will exceed your requirements and expectations.

Nanny-to-Family Matching

We know that having the time, skills and certification are not the only important requirements for your nanny. The nanny must respect your family's lifestyle and, ideally, also match your family's personality and interests. If your family enjoys many outdoor activities (like soccer, baseball, hiking, boating, etc..), you will want a nanny that will be willing and able to assist with and encourage those activities. Once we have identified nannies that meet your requirements for hours and skills, we personally interview each candidate to verify we have a great match. Only the best nanny candidates are presented to your family for interviews.

Family-Nanny Interviews

A critical piece of the nanny placement process is for families to interview the nanny candidates. We can provide helpful interview questions to assist with this step. The nanny interview questions provide a comprehensive view of the nanny's strengths, training, certifications, special skills and personality. A thorough nanny interview helps families to select the most qualified and the best fit for the family's lifestyle.

Selecting The Nanny

After the family-nanny interviews, the family decides which nanny candidate will become their nanny. The employment offer is made and an employment contract is created and signed. Having clear expectations of job responsibilities is important for the nanny and the family. As the nanny begins to provide services, families can be confident that they have selected the best available child care. Our nanny placement guarantee is an additional family benefit. Ask one of our nanny placement counselors for more placement guarantee details.

Please call us or send us an email if you have any questions.

Apply today to find your family's professional nanny - Family Application.

A Nanny on the Net has nanny placement counselors trained and ready to help your family find a nanny that meets your family's need.

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